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Why should I choose YA Vitamins above other vitamins with similar structures?

There are various drugs with similar structures in the market, but what makes YA Vitamins different is that, we care. We have invested heavily in research and development to bring to you a combination that is more active and effective than any others in the market. Our patented technology helps us give you exactly what you need whilst minimizing any side effects. The difference will be visible from early stages of medication. YA Vitamins only used ingredients that are certified and absolutely safe.

Our Vision

YOROI pronounced YOLOI is Japanese for Armour so Yoroi Arma is double arma, "Twice The Protection." YA will become a Brand that will compete directly against the other major Players. Make no Mistake, we are here to Dominate, control and take over then use our profits to aid up and coming sports people who need it the most. We have branched off in the area of selling nothing but 100% Pharmaceutical grade Vitamins because through our own research a vast majority of Vitamins on todays market are nothing more than a Placebo with little more than 1 or 2% purity. We Here at YA have signed 2 major contracts with 2 of the biggest Japanese companies in the Known world and this is our promise, Nothing we sell will be less than 100% grade pure.

Our belief, Understanding & Advise

Keeping cells healthy and protected is very important. We need to get inside our cells to understand the combination of PQQ and CoQ10.

The cellular magic happens only when you combine PQQ with CoQ10.

There is always new information with PQQ atthe cellular level. PQQ has been around forever, it is widely found in all plants. Our bodies make the vitamin like CoQ10, meaning, CoQ10 has been around forever as well.

The problem is when our body makes less CoQ10 as we get older. Resulting in, low CoQ10 declines cellular energy production, this can be critical for heart function, especially when one is on medication to lower their cholesterol in the blood.

CoQ10 supplements have been shown to improve muscle strength, vitality and physical performance in older adults