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Questions and answers

  • Why should I choose YA Vitamins above other vitamins with similar structures?

    There are various drugs with similar structures in the market, but what makes YA Vitamins different is that, we care. We have invested heavily in research and development to bring to you a combination that is more active and effective than any others in the market. Our patented technology helps us give you exactly what you need whilst minimizing any side effects. The difference will be visible from early stages of medication. YA Vitamins only used ingredients that are certified and absolutely safe. The end result is a myriad of benefits like: ● Improved focus and cerebral functions ● Slowing down of the aging process ● Increase in fitness and stamina ● Decrease in morning sickness, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and chances of heart diseases. ● Prevention from early stages of ADD, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. ● Improved body functions ● Improvement in cognition and memory

  • What is the recommended usage/dosage instructions for YA Vitamins? How long should I continue it?

    YA Vitamins has made a combination to suit your body requirements so one capsule a day from each bottle ideally suffices a person. The exact requirements remain 20mgs for PQQ per day and 100mgs of Q10 per day. These amounts are a general standard and may need to be altered to suit individuals. As always, be sure to consult your doctor or health professional before using any supplement. YA Vitamins is best as a regular companion to your daily fitness routine. However, usage should be regulated by individual requirements.

  • Can I have YA Vitamins whilst on other medication?

    While YA Vitamins should not interact with any prescription medicine, we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before using any supplement at the same time as prescription medication.

  • What is the charges and details for shipping?

    We use DHL for shipping our vitamins all across the globe. Please continue to the SHOP page to calculate shipping cost, based on your location. You could also track shipping of your purchase after placing an order. Do email us at info@yoroiarma.com for any questions.

  • How Do I Return Products and Get A Refund?

    You can send in an email to info@yoroiarma.com with your query and we will provide you with instructions on returns & Refunds. For more information, please ready our Term's & Conditions page, available on this wesite.

  • How do I get in touch with YA Vitamins in case of any question or problem?

    You can simply dial our office number: +819 2400 2145 OR email us at info@yoroiarma.com