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by Anthony Rodrigues •

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How Dietary Supplements Can Help During Covid Outbreak

It was late 2019 when China’s Wuhan became infamous for its first case of Covid-19. Soon the Chinese authority locked down the entire city to curb the infection, but it was too late. Since the beginning of 2020, the new virus started spreading like wildfire in other countries resulting in many deaths and infections. Now cut to 2021, millions of people around the world got infected from the deadly virus, while around 4 million people have lost their lives. During this period, we witnessed 2 deadly waves of covid 19, which basically led to massive demands in dietary supplements for Covid. Now, many people asked a question? Are dietary supplements during covid-19 outbreak really helpful? In this article, we will try to put light on this matter. It would be wrong to say that the demand for dietary supplements rose only due to covid. The use of dietary supplements has been growing steadily over years since the last few decades. However, the deadly outbreak of covid 19, resulted in skyrocketing demand for PQQ and CoQ10 supplements, vitamins C & D, Omega 3, Zinc, Garlic, etc. People tried many supplements to boost their immune system, which might help them to stay safe against this virus. Easily available supplements like vitamin C, Zinc have already been proposed to reduce the severity and duration of the infection by boosting the immune system. However, there is still very little evidence that points out supplements as a treatment for Covid19. Why Do People Buy Supplements? The simple answer is, vaccines are not available in many parts of the world, and vaccines provide the ultimate protection against the virus. So, due to the absence of vaccines, people are flocking to buy vitamins for the immune system, which can increase their immunity, and everyone knows better immunity can be a lifesaver. How PQQ and CoQ10 Supplement Boost Your Immunity and Mental Health Since the emergence of Covid19 more than 40 million people were reported to be suffering from depression, while more than 37 million people were reported to be suffering from anxiety. Mostly high unemployment, social distancing, lockdown, and other changes led to uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. As we all know mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, and it is responsible for regulating various functions like mood, energy, and memory. A healthy body creates healthy mitochondria in a regular interval. However, as the body ages, mitochondria’s function declines, which can eventually impair our brain functions.   Research has shown us the best PQQ supplement can stimulate mitochondria production and support cognitive function. PQQ also has shown improvements in mood and brain health. So, by energizing mitochondria, PQQ can improve mental health along with boosting energy and restful sleep. On the other hand, PQQ and CoQ10 supplement is known for boosting the activity of various key immune functions, which include an increase in antibody production. These antibodies basically fight against pathogens and various other infections. The best part is, PQQ also has the added advantage of increasing oxygen utilization in the body. When the body is fighting various pathogens and viruses, this extra oxygen can give the body a bit of extra strength. So, in the end, all we can say, while people across the planet are fighting the uncertainties due to Covid19’s impact, research has shown us that nutraceuticals will soon play a huge role. The best part is, they can also be used to increase immunity. However, vaccines are the main shield for us to tame the virus, and it has no substitute. By any means, we are discouraging you to take the jab. We would always suggest you take the vaccine as early as possible to stay safe. However, we would also suggest you buy body supplement capsules online to stay healthy mentally. Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!